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We know you care about your child's eyesight. It is estimated that 80% of children’s early development is learned visually, and research has shown that one in five children has an undetected eye problem. Children’s eye care is critical and often overlooked.

Even if a child is too young to read a letter chart, at Visionwise Opticians we have equipment specifically designed to test children, including computerised test charts which can be changed to pictures instead of letters. 

The NHS will fund sight tests for children under 16, and under 19 when they are in full-time education, so you won’t have to pay to have their eyes tested. The NHS will also contribute towards glasses if they are required. It is recommended that the standard interval between sight tests for children is one year, but your Optometrist may recommend more frequent tests if required.

The NHS funds children under 16 and students in full time education under 19. 

Typical warning signs to look out for:

  • One eye turns in, out, up or down
  • Complaints of frequent headaches
  • Frequently rubs eyes or blinks a lot, squinting
  • Screws up eyes when reading or watching television
  • Avoids reading, writing or drawing
  • Has difficulty catching a ball
  • Fails to make expected progress at school
  • Develops behavioral or concentration problems at school

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